PAT KERR grew up fascinated with the history and the beauty of lace.  On her first trip to the Orient while in college, she left her friends buying jewelry and handbags to haunt antique shops in search of antique embroideries and lace.  She is now one of the world's leading collectors of antique laces and textiles and a recognized authority on these subjects.  She has one of the largest and finest collections of 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th century laces in existence.  Her Private Collection and Royal Collection include items of Queen Victoria, Empress Eugenia, Edward VII, the Duke of Wellington, and the Duke of Kent.  She also added to her collection four couture gowns belonging to the late Princess Diana, purchased at Christie's in New York and important pieces from The Duke and Duchess of Windsor Collection at Sotheby's.

PAT KERR is highly regarded in the bridal industry as one of its leading couture designers.  She views antique lace as an art form in designing her famous wedding gowns, trains, mother of the bride, and bridesmaid gowns.  Not only does she design for the bride and her attendants, she also produces complete weddings from concept through design and execution. 

A PAT KERR gown was chosen to launch the Estee Lauder "Beautiful" perfume campaign. She has received the highest national award in the bridal industry, the Marketer of the Year awarded by Brides Magazine.

PAT KERR's other divisions feature unique designs for the ceremonies of life. . .from Christening Gowns to Bat Mitzvah dresses to Graduation dresses to Debutante Gowns.  Her ballgowns and cocktail dresses from the PAT KERR Couture collection have been worn by her clients around the world and are dresses to fall in love with.  They are also dresses to fall in love in.


• "PAT KERR is a specialist - her designs are destined to become heirlooms."​

 Bernadine Morris​

Former Fashion Editor​

The New York Times​


• "PAT KERR's designs are laced with glamour."​

Kim Markum​

Former Style Editor​

Dallas Morning News​


• "If anyone in the world knows all there is to know about the perfect gown, it can only be PAT KERR. She is an encyclopedia on the subject combined with taste, style and her signature creations known the world over.  She has never lost the thrill of planning the next one."​

Lawrence Harvey​

Author, A Plaza Wedding​


• "Her fashion heirloom gowns of antique lace have been called the Rolls Royce of the bridal industry."​

Oprah Winfrey​



• PAT KERR is America's archivist of lace. . .antique, creative, and modern.  She spins a weave of lace into her beautiful wedding designs.  A design that makes a moment important.  A treasure!"​

Marcy McFadden​



Memphis, TN

(901) 525-5223